Friday, 29 July 2011

24 Hour Arty People

Arty stuff I’ve seen and done: Manchester Edition
As you know, I have been absent my friends, working on That Day We Sang as part of the Manchester International Festival. TDWS was a bittersweet comedy with songs about 2 middle aged people who have repressed all the joy they once felt as members of a children’s choir 40 years before. It was written and directed by the gloriously talented Victoria Wood and featured some fabulous people (cast and crew) including 90 odd amazingly vibrant* children and rising talents including Ruth Carr, Dale Gerrard, Raif Clarke and Isabelle Poots. I look forward to seeing what they do next, and being proud to say I knew them, way back when. I left every night singing the songs and arrived every day with a spring in my step. Roll on MIF 2013, hopefully it will be as fantastic an experience. Click on the pavillion pic for a link to the MIF site.

*at times so vibrant I wanted to kill them!

I also got the odd bit of spare time, and made trips to other MIF shows, the Bjork Biophilia gig and the 11 Rooms exhibition thrown in for good measure, as well as hanging around the festival Pavillion. Bjork was mesmerising, accompanied by a superb sparkly choir – similar to a Greek chorus resplendent in gold and glitter- and a deep voiceover adding to the surreal and crazy nature of the show, but then if it was a straightforward gig – it wouldn’t be Bjork.

11 Rooms is a mix of live art pieces, a mishmash of some confrontational rooms combined with ones which actively make you feel uncomfortable, by their absence of activity or passive content. My favourite room was the one which contained Anna Lee – a youthful animé character brought to life – asking questions about whether it is better to be too busy or not busy enough and talking to us the visitors – the first people she’s ever communicated with, about our perceptions. The human Revolving Door was fun too and I suspect Swap depended on the day you were there and Marina Abramovich’s room left me cold, and all the more disappointed since I was desperate to catch her Life and Death of Marina Abramovich show starring Willem Defoe.

I also was privileged to take part in the delightfully irreverent Cornerhouse podcast. Irreverence being the only reaction we could muster to the film of the week “The Tree Of Life”. My co-reviewer, Dave Petty, gave his take here, which is pretty much exactly how I felt, with a wonderful counter argument from Marshall Trower ringing in the entirely valid “Malick is a visionary” argument. Podcast link & Review link

This Week & Coming Soon

Make It A Date at The Drum adds to the list of random hard to categorise things my work place does, so life continues to be not dull here in Birmingham.

32 things to do before I’m 32 – next month I will be 32, and trying to see how many new experiences I can fit into the remaining days. I want to make a start with Learning the Sierra Leone National Anthem and creating a new film. Given the time frame, think uber short!

I have mentioned my love of Giantess - well they have another gig on 12 August, so if you fancy a "riotously rickety, ranty, impatient pop pyramid with pointy bits"then I hope to see you there.

Also please follow them on Twitter.

Films I want to see
The Big Picture starring my fave french actor, Romain Duris (Moliere, The Beat That My Heart Skipped...)
Beginners - although apprently Ewan Mcgregor is not naked in it (no-one has mentioned Christopher Plummer's nude status)
Captain America - Lucas Lee is a pretty good actor. Also countdown to The Avengers *squeeee*
Horrible Bosses - well my mate wants to see it and I love Jason Bateman

I am also looking forward to Mr Rachel Weisz and hottest stud in a galaxy far far away in Cowboys and Aliens

Recommended by me and e-friends photoblog awards recommended by @NShearerphotos on Twitter. You may want to check out his photos too.

Got any weddings this summer – of course you have...try a stylish custom made fascinator by Millyboo as seen above. You can also click on the photo above to see other vintage inspired headwear.

I LOVE this project.
The gist :
We are calling for you to create a ‘postcard’ for the place you live and work – no ordinary tourist postcard, but an image showing something interesting and real about your relationship to your environment. Be innovative. There are no restrictions on media, tone, or content. Just stick to 170mm by 120mm – the dimensions of the average postcard. The rest is up to you.

If you want to contribute an image then send a hi-res digital file of the image (300dpi) along with a small profile picture must also be sent to by 10th August 2011. More details here

Manchester mention – The Burlington Fine Arts Club presents Andrew Bracey and others. Click the link if you too think ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY.

Any recommendations for me tweet me @shegeekmcr or comment below.

have a superb weekend!

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