Thursday, 23 June 2011

Singing In The Rain

6 days until I am officially working on That Day We Sang at the Manchester International Festival (see what I did there!). I will run very long indeed if I get into how much I love being involved in festivals, from the one off performances which burn bright never to be experienced again, to the glamour of working in the same circle as britpop Gods, cinema legends collaborating with creatives, genre defying musicians and every kind of artist under the sun and so much more. And Snoop Dogg. 10 pounds of awesome in a 5 pound bag. Girlie and carefree and full of possibilities.

This week's films. Ah Kaboom. Not a film for everyone, and I had some issues with the last 15 minutes but I don't want to criticise it because despite it's flaws, it is completely original and delightfully camp, alongside being utterly crazy. Gregg Araki's is a wonderful filmmaker and it makes me respect him even more since it takes quite some skill to have both Kaboom and Mysterious Skin - dark and compelling in very different ways - in your bag of tricks.

This week I also watched Potiche - which if you want to see it you already know you want to see it, it was a predictable, light melange of fun, French frolics. I aIso mentioned last time I am looking forward to Bridesmaids which I want to see mainly cause I love a laugh and secondly because the women involved are magnificent and a tribute to what good writing and good filmmaking is about. Women in Hollywood as always puts it better than I do.

Events coming up:

Next week I am crossing between cities here are a few things I shall be hitting a missing due to my bi-city status:

In Manchester – Tonight (Friday 24th June) at my favourite cultural hangout - yes I am obscenely biased having spent many years drinking and subsequently working there – shoots for the stars with the exhibition Constellations– if at all possible openings at Cornerhouse are not to be missed. Unless you’re in the wrong city at the wrong time, like me.

Not Part Of again brings a plethora of Fringe events to Manchester if MIF is not quite your thing – including Blackbird which I mentioned last time.

In Birmingham - Giantess 1st July in Digbeth – The band formely known as StangetimeS will miss one dedicated fan. Please take my place!

Recommendations from my twitter friends:

GeorgeFOBentley suggests we take a moment to contemplate Mark Ashmore’s The Lost Generation.

Whilst Cassie Miller has me captivated by the National Theatre of Scotland’s five minute theatre project.

Fashion Designers: An opportunity courtesy of the Creative Industries Networking Group in Manchester – next meeting is on 4th July in Rain Bar – my first meeting for a year and a highly anticipated event for that very reason! Also possibly because of the range of creatives and collaborators and the fantastic fellowship of the networkers.

Filmmakers: Courtesy of comma press – The 10th edition of Magma, mostra di cinema breve - International Short Film Festival will take place next winter in Acireale, Italy: Submission deadline: JULY 31, 2011. For any other information and to fill in the entry form, please visit the website -

Cash for your art: I always feel it's important that good work receives good rewards so this looks very promising: The Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund is open to individual artists working in visual art, theatre, performance art, film, music, dance or literature. For more details click here:

I probably won’t update during the festival, so until July, adieu my friends, I leave you with a song in my heart, which I'm dedicating to my cousin Rowena who would have been 31 this week.

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