Sunday, 2 October 2011

Links - They Won't Let You Down

My TV schedule has gotten pretty good lately, with the return of Fringe and next week Southland will make my mid week even more special, and the usual work carziness means  I've negelected my little Planet, sorry folks!  That said, what with the forthcoming book launch, and my contribution to the Battleship Pretention directors poll, I shall be triple posting this week.

On the film front, I have had a delightful few weeks. I caught Jane Eyre and of course Mr Rochester.  I wasn't a huge fan of the timeline, it jarred a little in places, and Jane was more whimsical than I expected but the real draw is Michael Fassbender who is a perfet blend of passion and intensity.  It's also nice to see that Sally Hawkins is making a side career of playing the mum of Craig Roberts.

I followed this up with a trip to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and early contender for the only British film the Academy will bother watching (because Colin Firth is in it).  I enjoyed it, but I am looking forward to Tyrannosaur coming out and perhaps derailing the stiff upper lip, period pieces,  which is the prevailing stereotyp Brit films which get recognised accross the pond.

This week had 2 wildly different films The Inbetweeners Movie, which was everything you expect - hilarious and gross in equal measure, and Drive which was *Esther slips into Ryan Gosling loving coma* great!  I will not spoil anything of the film, because it has to be seen unspoiled to be loved, but it is just well cast, good writing, well performed and yet very assured.

Films I've avoided include - I just don't give a crap how she does it and random half naked teenagers get killed on spring break.

I am waiting for Crazy Stupid Love and The Debt on dvd and looking forward to Warrior hopefully, Melancholia, Red State & guilty pleasure The Three Musketeers. Having read TTM in both French and English for a 6th form French exam I feel entirely justified in enjoying every crazy, overblown version hollywood can throw at me.

Coming soon I will also be ranting about anticipated remakes in particular The Secret In Their Eyes and Oldboy - which I somehow don't think will measure up to remakes like The Beat That My Heart Skipped or The Departed - the latter being a film I was ambivalent about but came to like, but not love, because at the very least it didn't taint my memory of the original.  I doubt we will end up saying the same of Oldboy 2.0.

As I mentioned, one of my favourite film podcasts Battleship Pretention, recently called for listeners to contribute a list of their favourite 10 directors.  Which I did, and have shared on the right.  I have rationalised my decision and will post later this week.
Events to come:

Gratuitious work plug: Theatre coming to The Drum next week - Other & Unsent Letters, directed by Lorna Laidlaw and a reverse cast Othello starring Libby off Eastenders
You'll have to catch Other on Wednesday because The Gin Parlour is showing the masterfull Tell Noone
Continuing my tradition of loving guys, geeking about popular culture, I will leave you with a link to Teaching Robot featuring Tom Summers, Euan Summers and  Joel nicholson aka @Buctherthebar

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