Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Random Insomniac Limerick

I can't sleep.

I had to write an extended bio for my shorty award profile, a thing I only completed because I couldn't get to sleep.

Since my chances of winning a shorty are zero, and I hate writing bios, I wrote a limerick instead:

There once was a girl from Great Barr
Whose ambitions extended quite far
Films were her dream
And crazy she seemed
With creations quite strange and bizarre.

Unfortunately there is no poetry award!

In case you're curious so far I have voted for Lizzie Bennet Diaries in webseries (I still love you Awkward Black Girl - please don't hate me!  Issa Rae you'll get my actress vote) and failed to nominate Socially Awkward Darcy in the fandom category because she doesn't have a twitter. Feel free to comment if you can find a way around this.

I do like to rock an obsession!

To sleep, perchance to stare at my ceiling.

Oh and if you're bored you can nominate me by clicking the box below:

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