Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting My Creative Juices Flowing

Happy January

As I said last year I shall be refocusing this blog on creative projects and creative people. I'll still talk about films I've seen but more in depth thoughts will move to the new film-centric blog with my fabulous friend Laura Bradshaw.  The first What Have You Done To Deserve This post is now up here.

I shall me adding some musings on the Oscar nominations and some films I've seen lately.  I have been working my way through the nominated films, and I can't be outright confident about any of the nominees, so far I think this is the most fun I've had watching the Oscar nominated films for a while.  Silver Linings Playbook had me giggling from start to finish, Brave's Merida had me thinking about my own princessy little sister more than once, and Tarantino's Django Unchained more than makes up for N-bombs and gratutitous violence with witty banter and some serious A-grade hammy acting (his own being the only low point).  Looking forward to the downers next with plans to see Zero Dark ThirtyLes Miserables (well the clue is in the name) and Lincoln.  Thank god I've already seen the marvellous Amour or February could be pretty bleak!

Back to my own filmmaking projects:

I will hopefully be working with a very talented playwright to adapt her one woman show into a film and I've recently read a script for a short film about the perils of not believing in magic.  I am hopefully going to get production moving on that very soon.

I also have a planned script of my own, I have been working on.  For a sneak peek at some of my inspiration I've been using Pinterest as an ideas board.

I've been pretty motivated already, and was helped along by watching the TED talk below given by Alex Day talking here about how he came to become a unique chart sucess and make his Forever Yours music video.  Take care folks and post your own projects below for sharing.  As always my stream of consciousness is also followable on twitter where I am @shegeekbham.

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