Friday, 25 May 2012

Turning you square eyed - Part One: Youtube

How are you, fine followers?  Seriously - how are you? What have you been doing/seeing/creating - please comment.

As some of you know I have nerdish tendacies, so today I am sharing my discovery of myriad youtubers who make my insomniac soul lollop like a carefree matress in the swamps of Sqornshellous Zeta.  For each one I've linked both the channel and picked 1 or 2 of my favourite videos.

The five awesome girls - self explanatory title. They were collectively awesome interent friends who posted on monday to friday in 2008 for the year to get to know each other better as they live in different parts of the US.  Since then they posted less frequently on the 5AG channel but are individually awesome (they already were of course) on their own channels. Hayley was probably my favourite here she is being delightful about her "political views" including a great reference to Adele's ex boyfreind.

the vlog brothers - John and Hank Green are brothers who have one long chat with each other on the internet and have fun with history and science.  Their aim is to raise nerdy to the power of awesome - they are VERY successful at it.  Also they created the Don't Forget To Be Awesome label and a Vlog adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

nerimon aka Alex Day- The sarcastic one!  Not always sarcastic, he explained the lost finale with stick figures, but if you want a rant he's your man.  Fans of Creationism or Twilight please look away now. I would completely subscribe to him interpreting the whole bible. (obviously impractical it would take forever). Sample quote [paraphrased] "adam puts all the blame on eve, which is well unfair"  He's also a talented musician who releases music without the backing of a studio and dissects ridiculous music lyrics. 

Also fantastic crossover video with 5AG's Kristina.  Because I think we should all revisit the My Little Ponies as adults.

Right only a few more links to go - bear with me folks I'm saving the best for last!

On to Alex Day's flat mate Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike - so many fun videos to choose from but I LOVE a couple of his songs and he messed up a meeting with Tim Minchin in the most endearing way, but that was already on Rude Tube so I'll leave you with his duet with himself and song about fancying people and one of his challenges where he tells you lots about himself - yep he loves Dr Horrible.  Sweet.
Finally my nerd video of the week: I may be late to this particular party but the HISHE Youtube channel is full of win.  I submit for your pleasure : How Iron Man Should Have Ended

Final, last mention, a new webshow filling my void until the return of The Misadventures of  ABG is Jan, part of a channel called WIGS. The cast is fanastic, and Stephen Moyer needs to rock his normal accent more often (no offence True Blood fans).  There are lots of different shows yet to come with interesting premises and magnificient actors.  What's not to love.

Right off to indulge in a spot of nerdfighting.  Do Not Forget To Be Awesome folks.

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