Sunday, 22 April 2012

Response Blog - Overshare

I was reading this blog  which referenced the silly survey, I am a sucker for those surveys too, but usually it's the same old questions, whereas the one posted on Caulk and Crinolines had me stumped by question 3.  I had to google my university and primary school mascots.  So here are a few things you probably never cared to know about me:

And here we go!
Do you have a favorite number?
My favorite number is 8.Weirdly the same as AJ.  I can't remember why, maybe it's a born in August thing.
How many goddamn chickens could you eat right now?
Always several.  I love Chicken.  My mum's pepper chicken is the reason I knew I wouldn't be a vegetarian forever.  The Drum (my work)'s jerk chicken sizzler platter is a major contributing factor to my inability to stay on budget at the end of the month.
What is the mascot of every school you’ve attended?
I don't think my infant/junior school had one - maybe an aeroplane
Secondary school - Edward the Lion
Uni - the liver birds?
I just set your house on fire; what one thing do you grab on your way out?
laptop.  On second thoughts a lighter - yiu just set my house on fire, I'm bringing REVENGE!
Personality trait most likely to make you never talk to someone again.
We all like different crap. Name one food, band and movie that you hate that everyone else seems to like.
Food: Raw tomatoes are wrong on many levels. And rich tea biscuits.  anyone from my 1995 Italy trip can tell you why.
Band: 1 Direction.  I don't so much hate them as realise I've never heard thir stuff and looking at them makes me not want to bother.
Movie: The Tree of Life.
Now name one food, band and movie that everyone hates, but you like it because you’re a stupid dick.
Food: I can eat sweetcorn on nearly anything.
Band: I once listened to a podcaster I love rant about how bad the Counting Crows are.  I love 'em.
Movie: Con Air is awesome. 
What social situation makes you the most uncomfortable?
I have a pathologically poor memory for names.  Even for people I have known for years, lived with or am related to.  In my defence my mum has 5 sisters, dad has 9 siblings so family members are very hard to keep track of.  But family occasions where people ask "do you remember me..?" often result in me saying "No"
Honestly, how many friends do you have that you would willingly spend a day with? If the answer is not in single digits, you are a fucking liar.
Loads of them.  I could easily spend a year spending a day with a different friend each day.  That woud be pretty cool.  Also I am totally capable of spending an entire day watching tv/movies with someone - which really fills a lull in conversation.
Is there anything worse than The Big Bang Theory?
The thought that one day, The Big Bang Theory will no longer exist. 
I wanna know… have you ever seen the rain?
I lived in Manchester for nearly a decade.  I live in England.  There are days when all I see is rain.
Would you rather have diarrhea 10 times per month or vomit once per month?
This isn't all that hypothetical. Mixing spirits and wine results in the vomit a month scenario.  And lets face it, after some waffles and rehydration all is good.  Noone wants constant bottom malady.
Would you be interested in spending an evening with me watching sports and eating Easy Mac?
No Formula One.  If it's golf you'd pretty much have to look like Ryan Gosling to make that happen.  Otherwise sports are fine.  I love pasta. I could rock some Easy Mac (assuming it's some instant Macaroni Cheese stuff)
Assuming no penalty, would you kill another human being (you can choose who)? If you say no, once again you are a fucking liar.
I work in customer service.
Which Disney moment makes you cry the most because Disney is a dick of an entity that demands the death of at least one animal per movie?
Dumbo's mum protecting her baby and them being seprated always gets me.  Mumfasa's being trampled to death comes second.
Name one abnormal thing about your body.
I'm constantly surprised it still works given the abuse I've thrown at it.  Superhuman ability to withstand a diet which is largely stuff with sweetcorn, pancakes, waffles chips and chocolate.

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