Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Year, New Possibilities, New People

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What’s that you cry across the far reaches of cyberspace? Where is the link to the long agonised over review of Shame? Alas it never came to be, so Manchester Salon was not left rapturous over my succinct profile and erudite words of wisdom.

In the end I felt I didn’t really know what I could add to a discussion. Yes it’s about sex addiction. Yes it’s fantastically acted, insightful, full of pathos and incredibly engaging. You will never hear “New York New York” the same way again. Yes, I recommend you watch it. It is a fantastic portrayal not just of loneliness, and obsession and futility but also of siblings with a complex family dynamic.
So there you go, my micro review. If you fancy something meatier, the review that did appear in Manchester Salon is here.

So that was last year. This year has come and it’s full of new possibilities. And new films.

Square eyes, round belly
As usual, I am trying to see as many awards nominated films as possible, but I’m generally behind with my viewing and refusing to watch War Horse so it’s not as comprehensive an attempt as last year. I’m also watching more TV these days, I’ve finally caught up with Fringe, I'm addicted to The Good Wife (they could kill off Alicia and I'd still stay for Diane, Kalinda, Eli and ven Cary and Zach) and I have found a new addiction in the form of a webseries called “The Mis-adventures Of Awkward Black Girl”.

**Warning ** It does contain some offensive language but is genuinely sweet at it’s core. In fact if you, like me, are facing a Valentine’s Day without a special one, this shows hope that there is someone for EVERYONE! After uber-nerd Carlton Banks left my life, I never thought I’d relate to a TV character who shared my ethnic roots and I never really looked for it, so this has come as a delightful surprise. Not since Ross’ “you’re over me, when were you under me?” and Aeryn Sun/John Crichton’s galaxy wide struggle for true frelling love, have I been so much so invested in a fictional romantic decision. Note to self: do not start watching a series 24 days before the season finale airs. That's going-to-see-a-Katherine-Heigl-film-with-high-hopes level of torture (curse the 27 dresses anomaly!)

Please enjoy Season 1 online and wait eagerly with the rest of the Awkward Nation for season 2. What other webseries fans, whilst waiting for the show to go live, send me recipe tips for show related food? More importantly who doesn’t want Angry Birds Cup Cakes!!

Perfect Poetry
Speaking of Valentine’s Day, some people have a gift for words, and I can’t say it enough, Leeanne Stoddart’s poems are positive and full of joy, and if you want to impress your other half with words which will enlighten their soul. It’s more original than flowers and chocolate and will last longer. Preview it and buy it here!

Spread a little love and it all comes back to you...
I’m all about discovering new and interesting creative people and met this guy recently. In addition to being added to the list of people whose blogs I would happily spend a Sunday afternoon browsing he has also recently sent out an altruistic post aimed at getting work for his mates: read his stuff, buy him a pint if you meet him

Next time on Planet Esther...
I will be overwhelmed by your support of Leeanne’s book. Having propelled it to best seller status and I will be regaling with tales of my travels Leeanne’s PA/publicist a post necessitated by her global success. Make it happen people!

More likely I’ll be talking about the Oscars.

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See you in the future.

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