Sunday, 23 June 2013

Before...and After

In 1995 I fell in love with a film about 2 people wandering around and talking (or as my romantic 14 year old self would have put it - a blissful rambling mediation on love and life)  .

In 2004 I was certain that nothing could live up to my expectations regarding that film, and yet it surpassed them. 

In 2013 I thought there is no way that I could be happy if they were happy and happy if they were sad.  They were both and I am very happy having watched it.

It is a rare film that keeps you invested in 2 people, for so long and knowing that like most romances on film there may not be a happy ever after in the traditional sense.  I continue to be intrigued and more than a little obsessed by Jessie and Celine, and like the equally fascinating 7 Up documentary series long may they continue to explore love and flirting either on screen or off screen in my imagination.

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