Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing Pointless about Oslo

A few months ago I squeed about the pinnacle of my nerd career so far, being on and winning the quiz show Pointless, based on my knowledge of Oscar winning directors no less.

Charlotte and I decided we wanted to take a trip together with the winnings, and after long consideration (Cannes will be postponed and probably a solo venture - for those of  you who saw it) we went to Oslo.

Neither of us had been to Scandinavia before so we didn't know what to expect -and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I'm still editing video footage, and I took about 600 photos.  There was so much to see and do, it's a wonderful cultural city and I was really pleased with the amount of street art and street sculpture - a few examples below.

So I will definitely be heading back, noting that reputations are reputations for a reason and taking some alcohol with me and avoiding such a cold time of year!

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  1. amazingly enough I've just watched your Oslo! But iplayer hadn't downloaded the last round before I left the UK so I didn't get to see whether you won (hence googling and finding this page). So glad to see you did...and then you came here. It must be fate. Not coincidence at all. No such thing as coincidence, right?

    Congratulations!! What was the final question?