Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Favourite Fictional Women - Diana Trent

When I was younger, I decided that as a young adult I wanted to be Lynda Day, as a professional - Shiela Sabbatini and to grow old disgracefully in the mould of Diana Trent. Feisty, fierce and with hints of a wicked past, she had all her marbles in tact (firing on all cylinders in fact) and wit and humour in abundance. Today at my place of work some young kids perpared food for some elderly residential home residents and some of our staff. I was sat next to Lily, a whip smart former bus conductor from Sierra Leone by way of Liverpool. As a Sierra Leonean descendant, and former Liverpool resident, we had loads to talk about and got on like a house on fire and she got me thinking about Waiting For God and how my final years may play out. I hope she has as much fun as Diane Trent - and Tom for that matter - seemed to have, in spite of facing patronising relatives and institutional incompetence. Whilst I am a fan of the institution of marriage in the right circumstances, this clip is a golden nugget of Diana Trent always makes me wet myself! (nothing like incontinence to form a bit of solidarity with the elderly)


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