Friday, 7 January 2011

Shorts whatever the weather...

I have begun my Oscars vieiwng campaign by looking up the 20 films on the best short film longlist so that I can watch as many as possible – rather than waiting for the shortlists to be announced. After all they aren’t long!

So far I’ve mainly found trailers although I have seen one nominated short already – and you will too if you watched Toy Story 3 in the UK.
If not the link is supplied below for anyone who wants to take a look. I've supllied trailer/clip/film links for anyone who wants to join me in appreciating what look like some excellent films.

Tonight the marvellous London Short Film Festival kicks off until 16th January, so if these whet your appetite you'll find plently to love there.

Live Action Shorts longlist

Ana’s Playground - webiste/trailer
The Confession - Clip
The Crush - trailer
God Of Love - The facebook page - still tracking down the trailer.
Little Children, Big Words (Sma Barn, Stora Ord) : Trailer
Na Wewe - website/trailer
Seeds of the Fall (Slitage) - trailer
The Six Dollar Fifty Man - trailer
Wish 143 - Not yet found
Shoe - Still hunting for a link

Animated Shorts
The Cow Who Wanted to Be A Hamburger - Filmmaker blog, no clip link yet but this is my favourite title so i included a still!
Coyote Falls - Still looking
Day & Night - Actual film!
The Gruffalo - It's been on the bbc, so hunting around iplayer
Let’s Pollute - trailer
The Lost Thing - clip
Madagascar, A Journey Diary (Madagascar, Carnet De Voyage) - The actual film
Sensology - The actual film
The Silence Beneath The Bark - The actual film
Urs - Clip

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  1. Here's a link for a trailer of the Oscar Nominated shorts.